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What is an Apprenticeship all about?

Apprenticeships are work based programmes which help you learn and develop the skills to do your job while you are working for an employer or whilst you are on a work placement. While you are on the scheme, you will achieve a nationally recognised work-based qualification together with Functional Skills and a related Technical Certificate which supports the knowledge you need to do your job.

What is expected of the Apprentice?

An Apprentice will learn in the workplace and be expected to work to a standard required by both your employer and the national curriculum. Observations are carried out whilst at work and it is expected that a small amount of your own time will be allocated to produce evidence for a Portfolio.

What is expected of the employer?

Your employer will support and mentor you by passing on their skills and knowledge. A small amount of time for off the job training such as sitting online tests may be required.

You will find that the more input and support your employer gives you the easier it will be for you to progress.

What makes up your Apprenticeship?

  • Induction phase
  • NVQ & Technical Certificate
  • Functional Skills (in Maths, English and ICT)
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • End Point Assessment