Our Policies

At Stanfords Training, we have policies in place that holds the organisation’s values and philosophy. It guides the employees and its community towards what is expected from the organisation, as well as what the organisation expects from them. These guidelines leads to everyone operating according to the same principles and guidelines. 

Stanfords Training Policies

Stanfords Policies

Clear policies allow leadership to institute and solidify best practices throughout the organisation. At Stanfords, we communicate all policies through more detailed and specific policies and procedures. 

Policy Documents

Beyond mere documents, policies set forth the company’s mission, vision, values, and culture, codified into a written format for employees at every level to access and follow. 


We set high standards the company expects employees to live up to. Included in these polices, are the blanket polices that are introduced by ESFA and The Funding Agency. 

Stanfords Training Policies

We The Staff of Stanfords Training have created and modified these policies to reflect the environment that we wish to create Within our training centre. These are the key policies that we abide by to create a working and learning environment where all are welcome.

Apprenticeship Commitment Statement

Click below to view the apprenticeship commitment statement.

Apprenticeship Commitment Statement

General Health & Safety Policy

Click below to view the general health and safety policy

General Health & Safety Policy

Business Continuity Plan

Click below to view the business continuity plan. 

Business Continuity Plan

Stanfords Equality & Diversity Policy

Click below to view the Stanfords equality and diversity policy.

Stanfords Equality and Diversity Policy

Prevent Policy

Click below to view the our prevent policy. 

Stanfords Prevent Policy

CPD Ploicy

Click below to view our CPD Policy.

Stanfords CPD Policy

Complaints Policy

Click below to view our complaints policy. 

Stanfords Complaints Policy

  • We are a very diverse organisation
  • Our policies sets the standards for organisation's values
  • Our Apprentice program is guided by ESFA Policies
  • Our employees, learners and our customers are very much educated on our policies.

Policy Delivery

While our policies offer a variety of benefits, we have put in writing what the company expects from employees in terms of the behaviour, actions, and processes they take in specific scenarios. Our polices clearly supports employees and learners in these areas by clarifying any vague areas. In the event any of these polices warrants a required action, upheld procedures and guidelines are followed. 

We have dedicated appointed staffs who are responsible of this department within the organisation. Some of these information are given at the induction stage. 

Contact For HR Department

Stanfords Training HR Dept

2nd Floor, Wolverley House
Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 6BJ

Phone : 0121 633 8100
Email : hr@stanfordstraining.com