How to Apply

Detail About How To Apply

If you would like to study at Stanfords in the heart of the city that focus on changing the world for better workforce, you’ve chosen the right place. We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who met the criteria of the course. You can start your application process from here by filling an inquiry form. 

Application process does not take long, it all starts with you sending your cv to us or filling an inquiry form. The application form is filled in the centre, which means we will invite you in to come an fill the form, and we will assist you if you need any help with it. You will proceed from there to the next stage which is the interview stage. Once you interview is complete, y0u are then offered the role you applied for. 


We have partnered with a lot of employers who offers a range of roles across the apprenticeships we offer. 


We will assist you with the application process, as well as the interview stage. You will be supported all the way. 


We ask for your school certificates during the application process to determine the appropriate level for you. 


Your interview is face to face. You will be interviewed by the recruiter, and they will notify you of the outcome. 

The Application Process


Start Online Submission

You will need to submit your inquiry online by filling an inquiry form or emailing us your cv at You will be contacted from there. 


Fill Application Form

Once you submitted the inquiry form or sent us your cv, we will invite you to the centre to fill the application form. The form cannot be filled online. Your form will be reviewed after submission. 


Review The Application

Upon filling the application form, we will then review the application with all the details you provided, we then give you an interview date which can be few days after your submission. 


Interview Process

Once the date is set, you are called in for the interview which is a face to face interview. Once you completed the interview, an offer is made to you depending on the outcome. 



If your interview becomes successful, an induction date will be set. The induction may be done online via teams or on site, the recruiter will advise you where it should take place prior to the date. 


Start Apprenticeship

When you complete your induction, you are then advised on the actual date the course will start. You are also introduce to your Assessor and your login details will be provided. 

Things To Know First

Getting you into work can be done in different ways depending on the role you are applying for. Since we work with several employers, we can always find you a vacancy if you have not come across any of them online. 

You choose an employer by:

  • Applying for role that is advertised on our website or Vacancies are usually advised for candidates to apply, if you apply for an advertised role, we will process your application accordingly to get you on the role.
  • Through contacting us an asking for your desired role. Some roles may not be advertised however, we can always source those vacancies using our employer database.
  • By already being in a role and your employer wants to get you on the Apprenticeship. If you are already working and your employer wishes to turn that role into an apprenticeship role or, even get you on the next level, this can be achieved by contacting us.

Other Courses to Apply For

Course Course Type Level Available to Apply
BTEC Certificate Health & Social Care AEB / Work Skills 1 Yes
BTEC Certificate Health & Social Care AEB / Work Skills 2 Yes
Information Communications Technician AEB / Work Skills 2 Yes



These are introductory courses id different sectors. The qualification provides a suitable way for you to start learning about a particular sector in order to help our progress to higher levels. 

They are also designed to give you basic work skills as you begin your career.

Contact Centre Opening Hours

Our opening times are from Monday – Friday,  from 9am to 5pm, except on Bank Holidays.

Stanfords Training Ltd

2nd Floor Wolverley House, 18 Digbeth
Birmingham, B5 6BJ

Phone: 0121 633 8100

Once you submit an inquiry, A member of staff will get back to you assisting you with your inquiry. We ask for relevant contact details in order to contact you and respond to your query. 

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You can also reach us on our social media pages below. 




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